Qualitative analysis software

Qualitative Analysis Software Articles on using and learning Qualitative Analysis Software in general, and Quirkos in particular. Also known as CAQDAS software or QDA software tools.     General qualitative software articles Starting a qualitative research thesis, and choosing a CAQDAS package For those about to embark on a qualitative Masters or PhD thesis, we salute you! More and more post-graduate students are using qualitative

Qualitative coding and analysis

Articles on the analysis and coding of qualitative data   Qualitative analysis What is qualitative analysis? How do you actually analyse qualitative data? How do you turn the results from your research into findings that can answer your research questions? Analysing qualitative data requires drawing meaning from it... Making the leap from qualitative coding to analysis So you spend weeks or months coding all your qualitative data.

Qualitative methods blog posts

Articles on qualitative methods     This series aims to introduce qualitative methods and some of the main approaches in collecting qualitative data.     Why qualitative research? There are lies, damn lies, and statistics It's easy to knock statistics for being misleading, or even misused to support spurious findings. In fact, there seems to be a growing backlash at the... What is a Qualitative approach The benefit of