Welcome our new Qualitative Research Specialist!

  Last year we advertised for a new post at Quirkos, billed as a Qualitative Evangelist to help us provide wider materials on qualitative methodologies and develop a community of researchers as we grow into new areas. Today we are excited to announce that the amazing Cathy Gibbons (Arc52.com / formerly Unversity of Nottingham) will be joining us and developing exciting new training, guidance and community support for Quirkos users and

Codebooks for qualitative research

Many people undertaking qualitative analysis will use some form of coding to help explore and categorise their data. Often, the researcher will use hundreds of codes to do this, and the list of codes, themes or topics that are used to analyse the data is called the coding framework, and a codebook describes them. A codebook doesn’t include the extracts of data themselves, but a detailed description of the codes, how they should be used,