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Full Version: Too many codes (quirks) - Try the Merge Project function!
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Hi all, 

I'm currently doing a Thematic analysis (See Braun & Clarke, 2006) and soon
after I started coding my work (50 qualitative interviews) I realised the canvas was becoming very unwieldy, as I had over thirty codes after just a few interviews ( a common feature when doing inductive coding). 

In order to work around this, I simply saved what I had done under a different name before clearing the canvas to code the next batch of interviews. Once this was done, I simply merged the projects together and switched to the Tree view. I can now proceed with a more deductive coding style, just adding the odd quirk here and there while merging or changing others accordingly. 

Now, even with 50 quirks on the canvas, I can see where I'm going and getting a much better handle on my data.

The groups feature in 2.0 and later should make this a lot easier, as you can toggle the visibility of groups of Quirks at any time,