Allow canvas view to fill all available vertical space
(03-03-2017, 08:56 AM)daniel Wrote: Hi Ryan,

This is a really good suggestion, and would give a lot more space. In the past we have wanted to make sure that Quirks are in the same place for people using widescreen and normal width monitors, hence the cutoff at the top. However, I think it's more important to have extra space, so will look into changing this behaviour in a future update...

Always love to hear more suggestions and requests, thanks!


Hi Daniel,

Just wondering if you've made any progress on this. I'm having trouble using it with my portrait mode monitor because there is no space to place the codes/quirks (let alone read them) despite a ton of vertical "real estate". When I move it to my second monitor, which is in landscape mode, Quirkos crashes every time I click something (a quirk, the Help button, etc.).

Any chance for a full "quirk space" in either the upcoming v1.6 or v2.0?


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