Structured questions shown in the wrong order
Hey, I'm using the trial version of Quirkos for Linux and just wondering why my structured questions get jumbled up in the source text window. I would much prefer having them there chronologically... 

The questions appear in the correct order in the 'Edit Questions' view, but for some reason their order changes in the displayed text itself. Making changes in the 'Source Properties' -> 'Order' view has no effect and I can't figure out what else I should try. Can you help?

I imported the text from a pdf at first and then tried the same as plain text through the clipboard. The question and answer indicators fell pretty much in correct places both times, but the problem regarding the question order persists.

Strange, I'm just testing this on Linux myself, and it seems fine: the questions appear in the order I created them, and changing the order in the question editor updates the order in the text view...

Is this happening for all sources? Is it clear what order they are in?


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