Tool-tip style popups to clarify Quirkos parts and functions
Tool-tip style pop-ups are already implemented in some aspects of Quirkos, but I've found the implementation to be inconsistent and this makes it harder to learn and use.

For example, both icons at the top of the "text column" (Search and Properties View), plus most of the "action bar" icons on the far left have tool-tip pop ups to indicated their functions when you hover the mouse over them. This is good.

However, other objects give no indication of what they do. For example:
  • the plus-sign in the top right of the "canvas area" as well as the Sources icon and the plus-sign at the bottom of the "text column" leave the user to adopt a "click it to see what happens" approach. This is ok after a while and you remember exactly what they do, but when learning, it just adds frustration.
  • the 3 text sources displayed at the bottom of the "text column" can be impossible to read for small screen widths and/or "text column" widths, so tool-tip popups here are essential to help you know what source document you are looking at.
  • for consistency, the Home and Settings icons on the "action bar" should also have pop-ups (all the others do, why not these?).

I think making the tool-tip pop-ups consistent, so that further details are visible by hovering over any and all objects, would help new users a lot.

Best regards,
Hi Ryan,
Good point - we have only just started adding tool-tips recently, so they are not comprehensive yet. As we create versions to support different languages this will be essential so will definitely look into this...

Thanks for the suggestions,


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