Allow canvas view to fill all available vertical space
I really like this software and wanted to make some suggestions for further improvement.

Currently the canvas view (where quirks/codes are shown) expands to fill the width of the screen, but not the height. When expanding the text column to show more text or when working on monitors in portrait mode (as I often do because I do a lot of writing), the quirks/codes get compressed vertically even though there is plenty of vertical space available. If you try to move the quirks/codes apart, you find that they will not move beyond the translucent white box that appears when you try to drag them.
Could you make it so the canvas view allows you to use more (or all) of the available vertical space?

Hi Ryan,

This is a really good suggestion, and would give a lot more space. In the past we have wanted to make sure that Quirks are in the same place for people using widescreen and normal width monitors, hence the cutoff at the top. However, I think it's more important to have extra space, so will look into changing this behaviour in a future update...

Always love to hear more suggestions and requests, thanks!


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