Quirkos v1.5 now here!
We've just released a new version of Quirkos, and it's a free update so get it as soon as you can! 

It adds wordclouds and other word frequency features, project merge and lots of bugfixes and stability improvements. There is a lot more information in the announcement blog post below:


You can also directly download the new version and install it over the old one. There is no change to projects files or compatibility, so you can keep working on your existing projects, and share with people using older versions.

Do let us know here or by e-mail (support@quirkos.com) if you have any issues,

We've made a small update to this version fixing a few bugs reported:
* Double clicking on existing files now brings up the pop-up password request
* Reports in query view now generate properly
* CSV import now contains some missing values that were excluded
* PDF import on Linux has been fixed

If you downloaded during August/September, please download the latest version again and all these fixes will be included. Keep letting us know about issues, and we will fix ASAP!


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