Update on Quirkos v1.4
Just a quick update with some news about the next version of Quirkos v1.4.

We have been working hard to rewrite Quirkos so that it will perform much better with large projects. Files open quicker, coding is faster, and the whole process should be much smoother when you have long sources and complex projects.

This has taken longer than we would have liked, but we hope to release a beta version to testers next week, and should have this ready for everyone by the end of the month, or early April. As ever, this update will be free for all existing users.

There will also be some small interface improvements, including the ability to edit text of a source at a precise position, and password protected files that work across Windows, Mac and Linux.

Check the forum and our twitter feed (twitter.com/quirkossoftware) for more information as it happens!
We've now released the beta version of Quirkos 1.4 to testers, if you would like to give it a go and share some feedback before it's released, get in touch! (info@quirkos.com)

We are hoping to release 1.4 to everyone at the end of the April. Watch this space!


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