Change property to question?
I've started a new structured question project. On importing sources, I had to change the category of items from the default, Property, to Question (105 times!). I apparently missed one item. How does one change the category of an item in a Quirkos structured question project from Property to Question? One can delete the miscategorized property and add a new question for the missing one, but it looks like I'd then have to manually enter the data for that question for each source. Starting over would be easier. Is there another way?
Hi John,

Apologies, but there isn't an easy way to change this once imported, you are right that it might be easiest to start again. For the future, Quirkos will guess a column is a question if the heading ends with a question mark, properties are assumed to just be simple headings like Age, Gender etc. If you set the open ended questions to have a question mark in the first row, then all the rest will come in as properties.

Hope this helps,


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