Can't read pop-up boxes showing Sources & numbers of Quirks/codes
I came across a bug in Overlap View that I wanted to report (it also applies to Home/Canvas View as described below). Perhaps this is already being addressed in the upcoming versions, but in case not, I thought I'd pass it on: 

When hovering over the various Quirks/codes to view the list of associated Sources in Overlap View, many times the box that pops up doesn't fit in the screen and one can't read the contents of one side or the other of the box (i.e., either the Source ID or the number of Quirks/codes displays, but not both). 

What triggers the problem is hovering over a Quirk/code that has a long name or description; the pop-up box opens and expands to show the full description. After that, all the other Quirks/codes (even those with short names and no descriptions at all) adopt the same over-sized box for a while. Eventually, by hovering over other Quirks/codes with short names/descriptions, the box size recovers to something reasonable, but sometimes that takes a while (and of course we can't always have Quirks/codes with short names/descriptions lying around to help fix it). 

In a related note, the same problem of an over-sized pop-up box for Quirks/codes with long names and/or descriptions also occurs in the Home/Canvas View, but somehow it seems to recover much more quickly (i.e., it takes just two Quirks/codes with short names).

Thanks for all the great troubleshooting and development work you are doing!


P.S. I'm using Windows 10 Pro x64 and Quirkos v1.5.2 (signed 13-Aug-2018).
Thanks again Ryan,

We've made a note of this and will look into it!


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