Please add the name of the selected Quirk/code above the quotes list in Overlap View
I really Overlap View, especially the fact that you can both add quotes to the Quirks/codes and also remove them. This is extremely helpful for refining one's coding. However, in the process of using this feature, I came up with an important suggestion:

How about adding the name of the selected code/Quirk to the top of the resulting list of quotes? 

This could go in the empty space at the top right above the quotes (i.e., just to the left of the "copy", "All", "?" symbols). 

I found it can get confusing which Quirk/code the current list of quotes belongs to after you click a Quirk/code. This is especially true when you are exploring several of them and can't remember which one you just clicked. 

Fair point.... There is a (<) arrow in the hierarchy/quotes view that shows the currently selected Quirk that is displaying quotes, and it would make sense to have the same in the overlap view too.


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