Add visual indication of Query parameters under Main Query
Suggestion to help new users:

   Add some kind of visual indication that Queries have parameters beyond "Properties". 

When I first started using Quirkos, I was puzzled by the Query feature and it took me a while to figure out that queries could include parameters besides the Properties that I defined (in fact, before I started defining Properties I could find no use for the Query feature at all). Then I discovered you could click the "PR" box at the top left (below "Main Query:") and choose other parameters including "Quirk Level", "Source Title", and various authors and dates. 

I think this really needs to be more visually obvious to the user. It could most easily be accomplished by adding drop-down arrows (like the sub-fields to the right of "PR"). It would also help to widen this column to display the full word "Property", "Highlight Author", etc., rather than using the 2-letter abbreviations.

Also, what does the space to the left of the "PR" box do? When you click it, a little yellow/orange bar appears there and when you click it again, it disappears. I can't see any difference in the query results.

Good call Ryan,

Will look into making the full Properties name visible... and that space before it has now been removed!


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