Allow edit of Quirk/code properties from "Quirk Overview"
It would be nice to have access to the properties of a Quirk/code from each Quirk Overview. 

For example, I think it's pretty common practice to open a Quirk/code (double-click it or right-click and choose "Show Quirk Overview") to read through all the quotes associated with it and then edit or even add the description. Maybe I'm missing something, but I find I have to go back to the Home/Canvas View each time to locate and right-click the Quirk/code I was working on, and then choose "Quirk Properties" to edit the title, description, color, and levels. 

Accessing "Quirk Properties" via double-click (which currently takes one back to the Home/Canvas View) and/or via right-click and choose "Quirk Properties" would be extremely helpful. 

Additionally/alternatively, since there is typically a lot of empty space on a Quirk Overview (unless there are a lot of nested Quirks/codes), perhaps the properties could even simply appear there at the bottom of the page below the Quirk/code.
We are planning a change to the view in 2.1 which would allow you to access all the edit functions in the overview that you have anywhere in the main canvas... Sorry ii didn't make it into the 2.0 build,


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