Allow edit of Quirk/code properties from "Quirk Overview"
It would be nice to have access to the properties of a Quirk/code from each Quirk Overview. 

For example, I think it's pretty common practice to open a Quirk/code (double-click it or right-click and choose "Show Quirk Overview") to read through all the quotes associated with it and then edit or even add the description. Maybe I'm missing something, but I find I have to go back to the Home/Canvas View each time to locate and right-click the Quirk/code I was working on, and then choose "Quirk Properties" to edit the title, description, color, and levels. 

Accessing "Quirk Properties" via double-click (which currently takes one back to the Home/Canvas View) and/or via right-click and choose "Quirk Properties" would be extremely helpful. 

Additionally/alternatively, since there is typically a lot of empty space on a Quirk Overview (unless there are a lot of nested Quirks/codes), perhaps the properties could even simply appear there at the bottom of the page below the Quirk/code.

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