Installation issue
Hey all,

I'm having a bit of trouble at the first step with installing Quirkos! I'm giving the 30-day trial a go, and it's downloading fine. The installation process seems to work grand also, but when I try to actually open the program after installation, I'm getting the following error message:

Error running C:\Program Files (x86)\Quirkos/bin/Quirkos.exe : child killed:
segmentation violation
The application will exit now.

I'm running Windows 7, Service Pack 1, 64-bit OS

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, downloading the software again, and - of course - turning the machine off and on again.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do next?
Hi Nicola,

That is strange: not seen that error message before. Two things you might try, first of all check your graphics drivers are up-to-date (this does seem to cause other issues). Secondly, try downloading and installing a slightly older version of Quirkos (v1.3 not v1.3.2):

This older version was built in a slightly different way, and you might have more luck with it. It does come up with an error message about files already being opened when they are not, but this can safely be ignored. Let me know how you get on, and sorry for the trouble!


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