Upgrade from Paper

Qualitative analysis with Quirkos

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Still doing qualitative analysis with print-outs and highlighters?

Quirkos is intuitive and visual like paper based qualitative research, but has all the advantages of software, such as fast search, easy queries of the data, and reports ready for Word or PowerPoint.

Just highlight, and drag and drop your text onto a bubble, letting you code quickly with live visual feedback into the emerging findings. Generate views that show connections in your data, and unlike paper, there's always an undo button!

Use the same interface, features and files wherever you are working, on Windows, Mac or Android. Every action is automatically saved, so your data is safe, and stored with the security you need for your organisation.

Quirkos is designed for collaboration. See who did what in each project, and compare coding side-by-side. Share your findings with clients using engaging visual reports, or demonstrate the data live, with the intuitive interface.

You can also create highlighted Word files showing all your coding, or export to Excel or other statistical packages with CSV support.

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