10 reasons to try qualitative analysis with Quirkos

10 quirkos qualitative bubbles

Quirkos is the newest qualitative research software product on the market, but what makes it different, and worth giving the one-month free trial a go? Here’s a guide to the top 10 benefits to switching to Quirkos:


1. Ease of Use
When we ask people what they like most about Quirkos, we hear one word: ‘intuitive’. We find that most people can get going after just watching a 5 minute video, since the interface is so graphical.

2. Everything is Visual
Bubbles grow as data is added. Colours help your group your themes, and clusters move bubbles together as connections emerge. Graphs show you key stats from your sources. This is not like working with a spreadsheet, Quirkos turns exploring text into an immersive process.

3. Speed of coding
Researchers spend most of their time coding sections of text, so we try and make it as quick as possible. Adding text to a theme is a simple drag and drop operation, but there are also keyboard shortcuts that can make adding text to multiple themes a breeze (or a whirlwind!).

4. Visual exploration
Of course Quirkos has great tools to explore your data once it is coded. But they are all based around visual feedback, giving you an instinctive feel for emerging findings. For example, side-by-side comparisons let you see how different groups of participants are responding.

5. Custom reports
Your work is not useful unless you can share the results. Our reports are very customisable, letting you choose which sections and detail to show, and naturally are full of graphical ways to represent your text data.

6. Connect with other applications
Researchers need to be flexible in how they work, which is why Quirkos supports bringing text in from all kinds of software like Word, PDFs and on-line survey platforms. But it also lets you get data out as well, to explore further in Excel, SPSS or even back to Word.

7. Free training and support
All our support options are available on-line with no subscription or fee. This includes detailed manuals, one-minute video guides, and interactive tutorials, as well as example projects to experiment with. Save time and money in training with software you can teach yourself. If you get stuck, e-mail or Skype the developers directly: qualitative researchers who are there to make your research go smoothly.

8. Cross-platform with no bumps
Work on Windows, Mac or Linux with an identical interface and features everywhere. You can save work on one system and keep going on another with no issues.

9. Cheap as chips
We think we are the cheapest qualitative software around, especially for our student licence. Also, our licences don’t expire, so you can keep working on your data for year after year.

10. Try for free
Our free trial is exactly the same as the full version, and gives you a month to try before you buy. If you like working with Quirkos, you can just buy and enter the licence code, and away you go.

We are proud of our software, which is why we always like people to try before they buy, and see the benefits for themselves. Download the free trial from here, and make your qualitative analysis a less stressful process!


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