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What is Quirkos?

Quirkos is qualitative software that helps you sort, manage and understand text data. Use it to tag or code relevant sections of data, and compare themes across hundreds of different sources.

It can help qualitative researchers to understand and analyse data such as interview transcripts, surveys, and articles. It's designed to be easy to learn, visual and affordable.

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Drag and drop example

To code text, just drag and drop text onto a bubble, and watch it grow!

Video guides

See what Quirkos is all about with a one minute overview.

Key features

touch interface

Visual interface makes coding quick and easy

eye for visualizations

Live visualisations keep you close to your data


See connections and findings come to life

piggy bank

Low licence and
training costs

screenshot of overlapping topics

See connections in your qualitative research

Quirkos shows your topics becoming connected as you code your data. Overlap and cluster views visualise correlations between topics, letting you see associations emerge in your qualitative data in real time.

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Compare and contrast

Instantly run comparative views which highlight differences between respondent groups, and build complex queries to drill down into the data. Get immediate demographic insights into your qualitative research, and show the results with bubble graphs and custom reports.

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screenshot of comparison view

paper and computer qualitative coding

Intuitive as paper, as fast as software

Coding with Quirkos software is as easy as using highlighters on print-outs, but with real connections and thousands of colours! Search for keywords and code straight from the results, see everything from one topic or source with a click, and know that a colour-coded printout is only a few clicks away!

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Introducing Qualitative Data Analysis with Quirkos

Watch how Quirkos qualitative software makes qualitative analysis easy. Not working? Watch on Youtube.
Want more detail? See it in action with a 5 minute guide.

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