Quirkos - Qualitative Data Analysis Software made simple
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Qualitative analysis software made simple

Quirkos makes exploring qualitative data visual and engaging, with a unique flexible interface that's easy to learn.

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See your qualitative data come to life

Drag, drop, grow.

Quirkos helps you immerse yourself in your qualitative text data, and create themes to understand your findings.

Bubbles represent your codes and themes; just drag and drop text on them to annotate them. Codings show in real-time, and flexible tools explore your codes and take you back to the data.

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  1. Quick to learn

    The visual interface is quick to master, with just a few simple and flexible tools.

  2. Easy import

    Bring in any source of text data, from Word documents, PDFs or spreadsheet data from surveys.

  3. Explore and manage

    Quirkos lets you describe and filter sources in any way, to compare and contrast your results

Word export
  1. Step up from highlighters

    If you are used to coding with highlighters and printed transcripts, Quirkos makes the transition easy. Create Word files of your coded transcripts that look just like highlighted printouts.

  2. Clear but flexible

    If you've been left uninspired by other qualitative software, Quirkos gives you simple tools that let you focus on the richness of small qualitative data sets, not learning complex features.

  3. Cloud or Offline?

    Choose to work offline and save data on your computer, or use our unlimited cloud storage for remote and collaborative work. Quirkos Web lets you work directly in the browser without installing software.

Learn with free tutorials

Watch a video introduction to Quirkos, or learn more from any of our free video tutorials.

Take 5, 10 or 20 minutes, or as long as you need with our 'bit-guide' videos for each feature. There are also manuals and example projects, all available without registration.

Quirkos Cloud and Web

Quirkos Cloud lets you save your qualitative data in our secure cloud servers, so you can access your data anywhere. Share projects and work together with live collaboration, with the same simple interface and powerful features.

Whereever your team are in the world, on any device, they can work together and communicate with the live chat feature. Quirkos Web lets you work in your browser on any device, including phones and tablets, without the need to install Quirkos.

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Quirkos Cloud


Quirkos has helped thousands of qualitative researchers across the world from all backgrounds.

I downloaded Quirkos and I found it awesome, and it's affordable for students so thank you so much

I just finished my thesis. It was amazing

Love your software, worked perfectly for my project


Quirkos has helped thousands of students write their masters and PhD thesis, and is even simple enough for undergraduates to learn for their first qualitative projects.

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Researchers in academia, government and non-profit sectors use Quirkos to help them understand complex issues, and improve service delivery.

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Market research

Business and agencies around the world make quick discoveries about user and customer behaviour using the visual outputs of Quirkos to inform decision makers.

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Researcher first

Our aim is to support qualitative research, not exploit users. There are no 'premium' features or differences between Windows, Mac and Linux, everyone gets the same amazing experience. Our lifetime licence option keeps backward compatibility, and doesn't lock in your data.


Cheap, fair pricing

You'll find Quirkos often half the price of alternative qualitative data analysis software, with great discounts for students, academics and charities. For those in the global 'developing' world we also have extra discounts to make qualitative analysis software accessible to everyone.


First Class Support

Quick and direct email support, 7 days a week, provided by qualitative experts who understand the software and research techniques.

Call us during office hours, Tweet us, or call to book free interactive help via Zoom/Skype etc.



Quirkos makes qualitative analysis affordable and accessible.
Read full details, including discounts for researchers in developing countries here.
Prices below are based on 1 year subscriptions, minimum subscription is 3 months.


Student discount

$5 / Month

$69 / Lifetime


Quarterly or annual subscription

Permanent Licence

Quirkos and Unlimited Cloud storage

Offline storage

Licence Information


Education and Non-profit

$13 / Month

$340 / Lifetime

Quarterly or annual subscription

Permanent Licence

Quirkos and Unlimited Cloud storage

Offline storage

Licence Information


Business and agencies

$23 / Month

$575 / Lifetime

Quarterly or annual subscription

Permanent Licence

Quirkos and Unlimited Cloud storage

Offline storage

Licence Information

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