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Download Quirkos

Download Quirkos

Download the installer for cloud or offline, the trial, full version and upgrades.
No registration is required for the offline trial, just click 'Continue with Local storage' and 'Continue with trial'
For Quirkos Cloud, download and sign up for an account to try 14 days of unlimited cloud storage and collaboration for free.

By downloading you agree to the privacy policy and software licence.

Download for Windows Download for MacOS Download Linux (Snap)
Quirkos on a laptop
Quirkos Cloud

Quirkos Cloud

Quirkos Cloud gives you access on any computer, with projects stored in our secure servers. Free for 14 days, then a quarterly or annual subscription. Choose 'manage account' in Quirkos, and 'reset password' to get started.

Quirkos on a Laptop

Offline local storage

Try offline mode for three weeks with projects stored on one computer, and a permanent one-off licence fee. Choose 'Continue with offline storage' in Quirkos after downloading below, no registration required.

Quirkos v1

Looking for the older version (1.6)?
Download for Windows, Mac or Linux

Want to upgrade your licence to Quirkos 2? Order from here for GBP or here to order in US Dollars...

Quirkos is identical across Windows, Mac and Linux.

After your trial expires, you will need a licence to keep editing your data, but projects are not locked or deleted!

You can find installation instructions for all platforms here.