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About Us

About Quirkos and our Journey

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Pure Qualitative Software.

Quirkos was founded in 2013 with the aim to create simple, accessible software for qualitative research. After a year in alpha and beta testing with academic and commercial customers, we launched in October 2014. Quirkos has grown beyond our initial designs for an inclusive participatory platform to become a comprehensive tool for pure qualitative research.

Thousands of researchers in all disciplines use Quirkos to help with their theses, academic papers and insights for clients.

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+44 (0)131 555 3736

Working Time:

9AM to 5PM GMT
Monday to Friday
(not holidays)


3 John's Place, Edinburgh, EH6 7EL

Contact us

We are here to support you, with queries about using, installing or buying Quirkos, and options for groups and institutions.

Email is usually the best way to get in touch, we always aim to respond within 24hrs, and is the best option for different time zones, and support over the weekend.

Our support team are experienced in both technical Quirkos support, and qualitative analysis, so we can always provide the best answer for your query.

If you have questions about group discounts, site licences or group registrations for classes, please contact sales@quirkos.com.

Please note, due to changing COVID-19 restrictions, we may not always be able to answer the phone, or post physical materials. Please contact us by emails if you have any queries.

Daniel Turner

Dr Daniel Turner

Founder and Director

After a decade in qualitative research at various UK universities, Daniel left to develop Quirkos to fill a need for a simple qualitative analysis tool. He still tries to keep up with qualitative research, running workshops on Quirkos and qualitative research across the world. He has written several textbook chapters and a regular blog on qualitative methods with more than 160 articles. He loves music, Scotch whisky, space and social justice.

Lorinc Balog

Lorinc Balog

Lead Developer

Lorinc started working for Quirkos while finishing his masters in Computer Science from the University of Glasgow. He started working on the Qt based Quirkos client, then developed the amazing, multiple redundant and secure back-end that runs Quirkos Cloud.

Now lead developer, he plays tuba in a bass quintet, is a BMW devotee, and helps Quirkos with our Scotch whisky sampling programme.

Cathy Gibbons

Dr Cathy Gibbons

Qualitative specialist

Cathy joined Quirkos in 2021 to help us deliver world-class training in Quirkos and wider qualitative methods, and develop a vibrant research community. Formerly from the University of Nottingham, she has extensive experience in qualitative research and postdoctoral training. A fan of wild swimming and outdoor adventures, she's looking forward to completing trips around Scotland.

Cathy Gibbons

Jess Weisser


Shortly after completing an MA in English Literature at Newcastle University, Jess joined Quirkos to help with administration, communications and business analytics. They have a professional background in qualitative research, administration and analysis, and in their spare time enjoys figure drawing, music and crime fiction from around the world.

Cathy Gibbons

Micheal Adisa

Lead front-end developer

Micheal holds a degree in Computer Science from the prestigious University Of Nigeria, Nsukka. He furthered his quest for knowledge into web development by focusing on what users interact directly with, frontend. When he is not writing code, you can find him listening to music or playing musical instruments.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy can be summarised in one word: 'accessibility'. We believe in the power and change that qualitative research can bring, and our aim is to open up qualitative research to more people. We want our software to facilitate, but not direct qualitative research, and to make it as easy as possible for people to use, and focus on their world-changing research. Complexity shouldn't be a barrier to qualitative analysis, and nor should price.

We aim to make Quirkos as affordable as possible, while still providing first-class support and reliable software. Our discounts for students and researchers in the 'global south' mean that Quirkos is a tool for social justice across the world. Our aim is to better serve the research community, not to profit from it or exploit data or users in anyway. To this end, security and confidentiality of data has been designed in from the very first days of Quirkos.

This philosophy extends to our staff and operations. We work a 4 day week (or less) to give us all time to reflect, relax and pursue our hobbies. We have always taken the belief that to be truly inclusive, the workplace must be flexible, to change and listen to the different needs and preferences of everyone so they can do their best work without stress or burnout.

Our whole supplier chain is based on this perspective too. We don't buy from companies (eg Amazon) that are exploitative of their staff and the environment, and design our own services to minimse impact on the environment. Our transcription server is fully solar powered (yes, even in the Scottish winter!) and our webserver is hosted using verified green energy standards. All our IT equipment is purchased and recycled at the amazing Edinburgh Remakery, and if you've ever taken a flyer or pen from us at a conference, they are all from recycled materials! At every stage we aim for maximum sustainability.

This website is hosted Green - checked by thegreenwebfoundation.org

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