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You can also contact us about eligibility for discounts, site and institutional licences, to arrange training or a workshop, general queries about qualitative research, or if you have any comments and feedback. We always love to hear about how you have been using Quirkos! If anything is wrong, please let us know so that we can fix it.

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Quirkos aims to grow the field of qualitative research through qualitative software that can be learnt and taught quickly, and is driven by the needs of users. Too often qualitative software is overly complicated, and creates a barrier to the greater use and understanding of qualitative research.

We want to allow people who don't have experience in research to gain the depth of understanding that qualitative insights allow. We feel that qualitative research is something that everyone should be able to get involved with, and that it can offer answers to complex problems in society.

Based in Edinburgh (Scotland), Quirkos brings together a team with decades of experience in qualitative research. Frustrated with existing software, they set out to design something that was easier to use, more affordable, and kept researchers closer to their data. Quirkos was founded in 2013, and after extensive private testing and development by users in academia, local authorities and market research, was made publicly available in October 2014.

Quirkos is now used in more than 350 organisations across the world. Quirkos Limited is independently owned, and is free to devote itself to advancing and supporting Quirkos for qualitative research.


Daniel Turner

Daniel Turner

Dr Daniel Turner is the founder and director of Quirkos.

Daniel studied at the University of Sheffield, where he gained a PhD in 2008 using qualitative research methods. After working on other qualitative projects at Oxford Brookes and Sheffield Hallam Universities, he was inspired to create Quirkos after wanting to engage participants in the analysis process. He sits on the board of the Edinburgh Remakery, was formerly chairperson of the Switch Youth Cafe in his home town of Maidstone, and plays percussion in a local Edinburgh community orchestra.

Lőrinc Balog

Lőrinc Balog is lead software developer for Quirkos.

Lőrinc recently gained his masters in Computer Science from the University of Glasgow. Highly experienced in Qt, he has studied machine learning and system security - work he will be putting to good use at Quirkos. Originally hailing from Hungary, Lőrinc plays the trombone (although not in his apartment) and enjoys proper Scotch whisky.


Adrian Łubik

Adrian Łubik

Adrian Łubik was lead software architect for Quirkos.

Adrian has a BSc Hons in Computing Science from the University of Aberdeen and is a Certified Qt Specialist. He developed Quirkos from scratch in less than a year to run on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, and continues to provide us with guidance and support. As if knowing Qt, C++, Java and PHP wasn't enough, he's fluent in English, Polish and French and is learning more languages.

Kristin Schroeder

Kristin Schroeder

Kristin Schroeder is the Senior Sales Advisor for Quirkos

Kristin has a special focus on meeting the needs of Quirkos' users in the qualitative market research and commercial sectors. Kristin studied Modern History at Merton College, Oxford, but hails from the Baltic coast in Germany. She is an avid sci-fi fan, and describes David Tennant as 'absolutely' the best Doctor. She brings advice from nearly a decade of sales experience to Quirkos, after working with large commercial clients for global automotive supplier Ryobi.

Lucy Pickering

Dr Lucy Pickering
Dr Pickering studied at Cambridge University, before gaining a Masters and PhD from Manchester University. She has experience using a many qualitative ethnographic techniques, and using a variety of software packages from her research on addiction and problematic drug use. Dr Pickering helps Quirkos focus on end users, and has been involved through the whole testing and development process.

James Hensman

Dr James Hensman
Dr Hensman is the machine learning and statistics guru for Quirkos, with a PhD from the University of Sheffield where he was a Research Fellow in Biostatistics and Machine Learning. He has recently joined prowler.io as Senior Machine Learning Scientist. He is an accomplished cook, and spends as much time as he can in Italy.

Mike Forster
Mike is MD at an Edinburgh based GIS firm, delivering geospatial software for academic and public sector with unique and engaging interactive visualisations. He brings more than a decade of experience in research software to the Quirkos team.