Analyzing qualitative data tutorial

Analyzing qualitative data tutorial

How do you actually analyse qualitative data? How do you start to digest a rich qualitative data set, and begin to pull together the strands that will show insights from the data?

If you've ever written a book report in high school, some of the basic concepts are the same. You need to create a summary of a much longer piece of work that describes the most important events, characters and their motivations. There will also be recurring themes in a novel to identify, and your interpretation of what the author was intending to portray will be different from others.

Even though the data might come from semi-structured interviews, focus groups, surveys diaries, or any other qualitative method, the first part of the process is always the same. You need to read the data in different ways to absorb and understand it. Even all the different analytical techniques you can apply like IPA, grounded theory, or discourse analysis all are techniques to help you read and understand qualitative data.

We've made a tutorial video that takes you through this step by step, and explains some of the main stages in a sucessful qualitative analysis process. Watch below, and don't forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel so that you can get notifications about new videos and our monthly live webinars.

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