Places are filling up now for our London launch and workshop on the 9th of December, but you can still come along for a free lunch by booking at this link.


However, we will soon be running the first of our monthly on-line workshops on the 25th of November, 4pm (GMT). That's 5pm for most of Western Europe, 11:00am EST on the East Coast of America,  8:00pm PST for those on the West Coast.


You can get more information and watch the live stream by following this link to our Google Hangouts page. You don't need to register with Google to take part in the seminar, and you can just watch, or interact with video, audio or chat as you wish. We will be covering a very quick overview, but mostly focusing on some of the more advanced features, such as queries, source and node management, and customising interactive reports.


There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion, and you can follow along using the example files provided, or just watch and learn. For this workshop, we won't cover much qualitative theory or methodology, just using Quirkos for qualitative analysis.


In future, we will also host some workshops and discussions using Skype, just to try and make sure we are accessible to as many people as possible. We'll also try hosting workshops at different days of the week and times of the day, so that people in different parts of the world can take part.


Hope to see some of you there, in the meantime, you can always ask questions by e-mailing