More improvements to Quirkos Web (September 2023)

More improvements to Quirkos Web (September 2023)

We've been working hard behind the scenes on some new improvements to Quirkos Web - our simple qualitative analysis software that works directly in your browser with Quirkos Cloud.

The big new thing is full Undo/Redo! It's one of the most popular features in the Desktop app, and now we have it in the browser too, even for when you are doing live collaboration with others. This now allows you to quickly change your mind for the whole session, and gives you a lot more freedom to experiment with your codes and coding, and not worry about mistakes!

We've also improved the Quirk/Code overview, so when you are looking at results from one code (and it's subcategories) you can now see all your other codes too. This makes it much easier to recode, code to multiple codes, and re-order your codes and themes, and is a much requested new feature.

There's also an improved the Quirk/canvas layout, so it's more responsive, and you can now see more details like the full code description and coding numbers when you hover your mouse cursor over a Quirk. We also made updates to the query and list views, and fixed several small bugs people had reported. If you have any other ideas for new features, improvments or things that are not working how you like, please let us know!

Most of these improvements are possible because we have a new developer working with us! Micheal Adisa is joining Quirkos as lead front-end developer, and is going to allow us to add much more features and polish to the web version of Quirkos. So a big Welcome to Micheal, and you can look forward to a lot more improvements and new ways to work with and explore your qualitative data in the next few months! We have a lot of cool stuff up our sleeves...

From September we are increasing the quarterly subscription price of Quirkos for the student and academic rate by £1/$1/€1. This allows us to keep offering first-class support and new features (like the improvements above!). We never charge 'upgrade' fees for Quirkos Cloud, and with live collaboration, unlimted projects and storage, and now 100 minutes of free transcription from our automated transcription service, we think Quirkos is still the best value offering. Our annual rates are not increasing at all, so these will become even better value! New rates will come into action from September 2023 (everyone has been emailed about the increase as well) and will only apply for your next payment.

We are planning a lot more improvements to Quirkos Web this year, including new import/export options, better support for survey import and structured question projects, improved memos, integrated tutorials and canvas views. And best of all, Quirkos Cloud users don't need to install anything to use new features - next time you login, new goodness will happen!

So let us know your ideas and wishes for Quirkos, and we will try and make them come true!