Announcing pricing for Quirkos Cloud

Announcing pricing for Quirkos Cloud

We’ve spent a long time building our new home for your qualitative data, making sure that it is safe and secure, spacious and dependable. We owe a lot of thanks to our testers across the world who have tried Quirkos cloud in different countries, internet connections and computers to make sure everything works smoothly on release day (next week)!

Today we are announcing the pricing options for Quirkos Cloud. Quirkos Cloud subscriptions are a quarterly payment, with discounts for registering for a year or more. They will let you store any number of Quirkos projects of any size, and use Quirkos on an unlimited number of computers if you need to work on a work desktop, home desktop and laptop on the go. Your data will be up-to-date across all devices whenever you login. But don’t forget we are keeping the static options for those who prefer a one off payment, and want to work offline with their data.

There is no difference in the interface or features between the cloud and offline versions, the cloud version gives you the extra option to store data remotely. However, the cloud version also lets you download and work with projects saved on your computer, should you ever want to work somewhere without an internet connection. You can also upload existing offline projects to your cloud storage locker.

But you’ll also find Quirkos Cloud remains the cheapest and most affordable qualitative software, even in the cloud! Our student licences start from just £6/US$8/EUR7 a month, and if you buy a 3 year subscription this falls even lower to just £4.45 a month! We are also keeping discounts for academic, charities and public sector organisations, and further discounts that scale for large team or group subscriptions. As with our static licences, we only offer telephone support to our commercial customers, but all users can contact us by e-mail for technical issues and guidance. Contact us at for exact pricing or any questions for teams and large organisations.

The table below shows how pricing will work, and our new payment system will let you choose and compare the right licence or subscription for you, and manage your account online. Prices are correct as of September 2019, note there may be slight fluctuations due to exchange rates if paying in different currencies.

We also offer a 14 day free trial of the cloud version, and if your subscription expires, you’ll still be able to access and download your projects for 6 months, but not to add to or edit them any more. If you reactivate your account at anytime, you can of course keep working on your projects again.

When we release this month you’ll be able to get a taste of the extra free features that we will add to the cloud by the end of the year. There will be a user website that allows you to login and manage your details and subscriptions, and share projects with others for live collaboration – one of the most requested features for Quirkos.

We really hope you love using Quirkos Cloud, and have plans to add a lot more features next year to the platform, including automated transcription, more collaboration features and more improvements to Quirkos that you suggest! Really looking forward to hearing your feedback after working on this behind the scenes for so long…