We are excited to announce that the first update for Quirkos can now be downloaded from here!


Version 1.1 adds two main new features: batch import, and mutli-language reports.


If you have a large number of text sources or transcripts to add to a project, you can now do it all in one go, without having to import each seperately. Just click on the (+) add source button on the bottom right of the source view, and select Import Multiple Sources. You have the option to select certain files, or a whole folder at once. This makes it a lot quicker to get going with Quirkos from an existing dataset.


Secondly, we've improved the export options (including HTML, PDF, CSV and Word files) so that they all support projects with multiple languages and non-latin scripts. You were already able to have a project that combined Arabic, Chinese and Spanish, but now any of the report options will show all these characters properly. Please note, this does require that your computer has font and language packs to support the scripts you want to work with, but most operating systems now include these by default.


We've also changed the way that Quirks are scaled, so now it's easier to see the different sizes with small and large projects.

Other minor improvements include:

  • A fix to DOCX exporting, so that this opens properly in more versions of Word
  • Better display of long property values
  • Better scrolling of the canvas area if zoomed in
  • Improvements to scrolling in Windows 8


If you already have Quirkos installed, you can update just by downloading the new version and installing over the old one (by default at c:\\Program Files (x86)\\quirkos-1.0 in Windows). Your files, activation and recently used file list will be unaffected. However, from now on, Quirkos will install in Windows in C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Quirkos so that new versions will automatically over-write the old one.


There is no change to the file format, so there are no compatibility issues between v1.0 and v1.1, and the update is free for existing customers.


Do let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback, many of these improvements were requested by users, so it is definitly worth getting in touch. We hope these new features help with your research, and look out for our Linux and Android versions, which should be publicly available at the end of the month.