quirkos 2.4


We are excited to announce the release of Quirkos 2.4! This free update brings a number of improvements, bugfixes and new features, and is available from today. It includes a major speed bump for global users of Quirkos Cloud, improved search and new ways to recode themes.


The main difference is behind the scenes, as Quirkos Cloud now has expanded to a global network of servers located across the world. Previously, all project data was stored in a UK based server, which while excellent for European users, was slower for people elsewhere. Now, we have set up servers in the USA, Canada and Singapore, that will in most cases give a 10 fold improvement in project loading and responsiveness for users in the Americas, East Asia and Oceania. This is something we had planned to roll-out next year, but we’ve had so much demand for Quirkos Cloud we’ve made it a priority over the last 6 months.


For people in these regions, there’s nothing you need to do: the first time you login after downloading the new version, your projects will automatically be moved to the closest server to you. This might take a few minutes, and the location is based on the registration country on your credit/debit card. We’ll also keep a backup on our UK servers for the time being, but most users will see much greater performance, and fewer connection errors. This will also help with data protection requirements, as for most users data will stay stored in your home country.


However, until cloud users upgrade to the new version, there will be lower levels of performance, so you will be reminded to update to version 2.4 as soon as possible!


There are also many new features for all users, including:

    • Improved Quirk search (now looks within title as well as beginning)
    • Quirk descriptions now longer and multi-line
    • Quirk creation and editing in overview mode (recoding now much easier!


There are also many small bug fixes, including:

    • Fix for blank report preview on some Macs
    • Fixed scrolling in structured question projects
    • PDF import fixes
    • Fewer timeout errors

and many more small fixes. Thanks to everyone that has reported issues, and made suggestions! Please let us know how you get on with this update.

As always this update won’t affect your projects, logins or anything else, and is identical across Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download the update from https://www.quirkos.com/get.html

If you’ve tried Quirkos Cloud before but been disappointed with the performance, we would love you to try it again! Just email (support@quirkos.com) and we will set up another 14 day trial for you.


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