certified trainers for quirkos


We’ve now launched our Quirkos Certified Trainers programme, which will allow users to better connect with and find experienced experts who can provide guidance and assistance in learning and using Quirkos.

As we’ve grown across the world, demand has increased for support materials in additional languages (which we keep developing) and for face-to-face workshops in their local areas and native tongues. Although we have many video tutorials which can help people start learning Quirkos in the comfort of their own homes/offices, they don’t help if you have additional questions, or want to follow as part of an integrated curriculum.

Our Quirkos Certified Trainers programme means that experienced tutors can apply and register with us, get tested on their Quirkos knowledge, and if suitably qualified, get listed on our new list of trainers located across the world. That way, users can directly contact a local trainer, or one with a particular expertise, and request training workshops and additional professional advice (at reasonable costs). Attendees will have the confidence that their trainer has been approved by Quirkos to deliver software training, and is up-to-date with the latest developments. We will also promote workshops and learning opportunities from our Certified Trainers on our social media platforms, and in our forthcoming quarterly newsletter.

We are launching with just a small number of trainers on an ‘invite only’ basis, these are experts on Quirkos who have already been delivering training, and are known to us as experts in the field. But from now on, our certified trainers programme is open to any experienced qualitative tutor to apply to. We will provide those that qualify with official ‘Quirkos Certified’ logos to use on their materials, certificates of status, and certificates for workshops participants, proving attendance on a certified workshop.

Of course, we are still providing technical support at Quirkos HQ, with email, phone and Zoom/Skype access, but this provides an additional resource for people who want to train a whole group, or need consultancy for a specific project. We’ll also keep offering training workshops from Dr Daniel Turner (founder of Quirkos), but since qualitative analysis has so many different ways in which it can be applied, and Quirkos is so flexible, it’s a great advantage to have tutors with different methodological and epistemological experience.

If you’d like to see why so many people are choosing Quirkos to help them with their qualitative analysis, we have a 4 week free trial of the full, unrestricted version of the software. Download from here, give it a try, and look out for Quirkos workshops coming to a location near you!



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