Quirkos 2.2 and Quirkos Cloud are here!

Quirkos 2.2 and cloud launch

Today we are launching a free update for Quirkos (v2.2) that adds new features, bug fixes, and allows access to the Quirkos cloud subscription service. There is only be one version of Quirkos to download for Windows, Mac or Linux, but it will allow you to do both offline and online cloud storage for your qualitative projects.


Existing users will see a few minor bug fixes relating to PDF import and DOCX export, and we will have more feature updates and improvements later in the year. You can download the latest versions from https://www.quirkos.com/get.html from today, it's a free update and you can just keep going with your existing projects, or move them up to the cloud!


There will also be a growing suite of online tools to manage your Quirkos cloud account, including a user login page, which lets you control your subscription and download your projects from anywhere.


We've got a blog post here that outlines the pricing of the subscription and one-off licence versions, and the extra flexibility we can offer users now. We know that so many people are waiting for a platform where they can do their qualitative data analysis on what ever computer they happen to be on, knowing they are always working with the latest version, and everything is securely backed up.


It's so exciting to be able to offer an identical interface and platform for both offline and online users, so that there are no new training needs, and each project can be stored online or offline depending on data projection requirements. Even though we have the a secure, data complient platform that meets all of the applicable standards, we know that some institutions still need to ensure that their projects are stored locally in their own systems. This way we can allow everyone to work how they need to, without having to use different software for different projects and teams, and being able to swap at any time.


This is a big day for us, a development that has taken more than 2 years of development, by the genius Lőrinc Balog our lead developer. We've also spent months testing all the systems to make sure that everything is secure and reliable. But it's also the future of many new exciting capabilities we can offer Quirkos users in the next year. Keep an eye on the blog, and don't forget to follow us on social media to get first word of the new updates!


If you haven't tried Quirkos before, you can download it today for free, try offline or online and see why it's one of the fastest growing tools for qualitative analysis.






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