Quirkos v2.3.1 now available

Quirkos v2.3.1 now available

We've released a minor bug fix release for our qualitative data analysis software Quirkos that addresses a couple of issues, and also adds a few little improvements for usability and comfort!

The first is a bug fix for a rare issue where long sessions would get logged out from their projects in Quirkos Cloud, and another that was causing issues if imported files contained strange text characters.

We've also updated the implementation of the REFI-QDA standard for QDPX files to the latest version, so that it works with the latest versions of Nvivo, Atlas.ti and others. This improves the ability to import and export projects to and from Quirkos, and we will have updated instructions and guides for this available soon on our website.

There are also a bunch of new minor improvements, most suggested by our users!

  • Last e-mail address is remembered for cloud login
  • New Quirks flash, making it easier to see where they are located
  • Chat log is now exported in CSV export
  • Keyboard arrow keys and PageUp and PageDown buttons now scroll text sources
  • Text can be selected below and above the visible text, and scrolls with it
  • Bigger views for text edit and recent project lists

It's available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is a free update as always, that doesn't affect projects or compatibility with users on other versions. For those on Quirkos 2.2 or later, they should get notification next time they start Quirkos that an update is available, and the whole package can be downloaded from which will update existing installations:


Do let us know if there are any other tweaks or features you’d like to see in Quirkos, and if you haven't tried Quirkos before, now's the time! Download a free trial, and see how the visual and colourful interface puts the fun back in qualitative analysis.