Quirkos version 2.2.1 is here!

This week we have released a small update for Quirkos which fixes a couple of bugs and improves the login page

Quirkos version 2.2.1 is here!

This week we have released a small update for Quirkos which fixes a couple of bugs and improves the login page.

We had a report of a rare situation where some unusual characters in sources would cause highlights to show in the wrong place in the queries and reports, and we’ve fixed this. We also fixed an issue where for some projects the coding totals for the project or source would show as 0% in the main view, although be correct in reports and other outputs.

We’ve also redesigned the main login screen for Quirkos, to make it easier to choose between the cloud (online) and static (offline) versions of Quirkos. To give people the most simplicity and flexibility, there is just one version of Quirkos to download and install, and this works for both the cloud subscriptions and the permanent licences. When you start Quirkos, you get a choice of logging in with your cloud subscription account, or using the offline mode which requires a one off licence fee.

For the trial, you have the option of a 3 week trial of the offline version with no signup or registration. When this trial expires, you will need a purchase a licence code if you want to unlock Quirkos on your computer permanently. If you want to trial the cloud version, you need to create an account linked to your credit/debit card, which will not be charged for 14 days. You’ll get a notification the day before the trial ends, and if you can either cancel your subscription, or your account will automatically transfer to a full paid subscription. The cloud subscription lets you install Quirkos on any number of computers, and your projects are available anywhere you log in with your username and password.

But you can also transfer projects between them! The cloud version also lets you work offline (if you are going to be on a train for example) and you can upload projects saved on your computer to the cloud server so you can work on them anywhere. We are also putting the finishing touches on a live collaboration system, where you can share projects with others, working together in real time with live chat! This will only be possible with the cloud version, but otherwise the interface and features of the online and offline versions are identical.

You can manage your cloud account and download existing projects (even after your subscription has ended), however you can only work with projects and create new ones in the Quirkos app you download and install on your computer. We don’t have a browser based version of Quirkos at the moment.

For those working with confidential data, but wanting to take advantage of the cloud storage and collaboration features, we are also able to offer a private installation of the Quirkos cloud server on your own network. This lets you keep all your data in house and available to all authorised staff, with nothing shared outside your own IT systems. Please contact us (sales@quirkos.com) for more on these options.

If you’ve not tried the new Quirkos cloud, download the free trial of the latest version and give it a go today!