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Install Instructions

Installation instructions

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Quirkos is a software package you download for your computer, which can run on Windows, Mac or Linux. From our website, download the latest installer for your computer platform. Quirkos is identical across all operating systems, has the same interface and features, and project files can be opened in any version. You need to install the software, or use Quirkos Web in your browser.

Once you have downloaded the software, find where your browser saved the file, and double click to open it. For Linux installation, you will usually just need to allow the AppImage to be executable - either by right clicking on the download file and choosing Permissions > Allow executing file as program (or similar), or by running chmod +x quirkos-2.5.3.AppImage in the terminal. After this, you can double click on the AppImage to launch it, no install required!.

Quirkos installation UAV

Quirkos Windows installation screen

On Windows, once the software is downloaded, find the download location in your browser and click to start the installer. A notification will ask you if you trust the source of the download (only ever get Quirkos from our official website!)

Then a set-up wizard will guide you through the installation process, you can click on Next for each step.

You can start Quirkos by double clicking on the desktop shortcut (if you have chosen this option), or by clicking on the Quirkos icon in the Start menu.

On Mac, double click to open the installer and drag the Quirkos App to the Applications folder. You're done!

Start Quirkos by double clicking on the icon in the Applications folder (on the left pane in the Finder).

You can also drag the icon to your task bar to create an easy short-cut.

Quirkos Mac installation screen

Quirkos installation screen

When you first start Quirkos, it will present you with a 3 week free trial or 14 days of free Quirkos cloud subscription. There are no restrictions on the features or capabilities of the software during the trial period, and projects created during the trial period can be used in the full version. If you choose to buy a licence, the time restriction will be lifted, and there will no longer be a reminder to register the software each time it is started. You can do this by placing an order here at any time.

Click here for a step-by-step guide for your first project.

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