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Understand qualitative data with Quirkos

Our customers tell us how intuitive and easy to use Quirkos is, and how much it has helped in their research:

I love the design! Very intuitive, and easy to get to grips with

Really useful, as we found alternatives clunky and fiddly

Using Quirkos to do coding on my PhD data, it’s been a really good experience

I love Quirkos!! I'm starting to wonder how I managed without it

Intuitive and easy to learn... I am now making it part of my course

Where has this been all this time???

You can also read an independent review of Quirkos, from the University of Surrey CAQDAS network.

Quirkos has users in more than 250 institutions across the world, including the NHS, Oxford University, University of Sheffield, University of Edinburgh, University College London, Southampton University, University of Glasgow, Trinity College Dublin, University of Toronto, UCLA, University of Michigan, Collumbia University, the University of Alberta, La Trobe University, the University of Antwerp, Berlin Institute of Technology as well as commercial market research firms, and government departments.

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There are a variety of ways that Quirkos can be useful, not just in research, but understanding any source of text data. Academic users at universities, colleges and private research bodies can use Quirkos to quickly understand detailed data, especially for students starting out in qualitative research.

In the Public Sector qualitative data can be analysed to provide valuable insights into the provision and use of services, public consultations as well as for policy analysis. For Commercial users, both in private firms who do their own customer insight, as well as market research agencies, qualitative software from Quirkos can help create a cost-effective workflow providing deep revelations. Read a case study of how Cythlin Intelligence used Quirkos for qualitative market research insight.

If you are new to the concept of qualitative data, you can start by reading about what Qualitative Research actually is, or if you are currently doing analysis with paper and highlighters, consider using Quirkos to upgrade from paper. You can also explore a general overview of the common functions and benefits of qualitative analysis software.

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