Training Workshops

On-line, public and bespoke training workshops for Quirkos and qualitative analysis.


Join one of our interactive training sessions

We run a variety of workshops tailored for different sectors and levels of experience in qualitative research.

These include one-day workshops designed to give you an overview into the whole qualitative research process. They cover setting questions, choosing methods, interviewing and focus group tips, as well as coding and analysis using Quirkos.

Other sessions target experienced qualitative researchers, demonstrating how to use Quirkos to manage your data, run detailed queries and produce useful reports.

Contact us to book a one hour, half day or full day workshop for your team or organisation. We can also arrange live-streaming, interactive virtual workshops, through Skype, Webex or Google Hangouts.

If you would rather teach or explore in your own time, you can watch recorded videos of any of our previous workshop sessions at our Youtube channel.

Google hangouts

Exploring Qualitative data in Quirkos

Wednesday October 25th September 2017,
10:00 am
(London / GMT - 8pm Sydney)

A free webinar showing you step-by-step how to drill down into your qualitative data using the many analysis tools in Quirkos. Learn how to do demographic sub-category analysis with the Query view, look at overlapping trends, and how comparing word clouds and themes across respondents can reveal surprising insights. No need to book, just pop along to the link at the time below (or watch the recorded session later)

Please make sure your browser and internet connection can support streaming video, and you will need a Youtube account to post in the chat and ask questions.

Watch the stream live (or after the event) on our Youtube channel, or email for more information.


Surrey CAQDAS Training Workshop for Quirkos

Friday 13th October, 2017,
10am - 4pm
(London / BST)

This one day workshop provides a comprehensive overview of Quirkos and an opportunity for participants to practice tasks using their own data. The focus is on gaining confidence in setting up a project efficiently, managing and organising data, exploring and conceptualising data and interrogating and visualising data.
The course combines discussion, demonstration and hands-on work.

The session will be held at the University of Surrey, and run by two of the fields most formost expert trainers in qualitative data analysis software, Dr Christina Silver and Sarah Bulloch. Book your place now at the University of Surrey website.