Training workshops for Quirkos and qualitative research

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Join one of our interactive training sessions

We run a variety of workshops tailored for different sectors and levels of experience in qualitative research.

These include one-day workshops designed to give you an overview into the whole qualitative research process. They cover setting questions, choosing methods, interviewing and focus group tips, as well as coding and analysis using Quirkos.Other sessions target experienced qualitative researchers, demonstrating how to use Quirkos to manage your data, run detailed queries and produce useful reports.

Contact us to book a one hour, half day or full day workshop for your team or organisation. We can also arrange live-streaming, interactive virtual workshops, through Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. If you would rather teach or explore in your own time, you can watch recorded videos of any of our previous workshop sessions at our Youtube channel.

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Certified Quirkos Trainers

We also have a network of professional certfied trainers across the world who teach Quirkos in many different languages and regions. They are listed on our trainer page, and tutors can apply to become a certified Quirkos teacher.

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Learn Qualitative Analysis with Quirkos 2!

Thursday 30th January,

Join us and see how Quirkos makes it easy to do your qualitative analysis with our monthy webinar. We'll show you how to bring in your text sources, create bubble codes and explore your data with the tools in Quirkos. Ask questions in this live session, or save the link to watch later. No previous experience with any qualitative analysis software is required.

Please make sure your browser and internet connection can stream live video, and you will need a Youtube account if you want to post in the chat window and ask questions.

Watch the stream live (or after the event) on our Youtube channel, or email for more information.