Quirkos Cloud

Access your data from any device

Quirkos Cloud

Access your qualitative projects from any device, and have them synced automatically and backed up safely on our cloud. If you are working across different devices, Quirkos lets you instantly have access to your projects and qualitative data where ever you log in. Quirkos cloud has the same interface as classic Quirkos, keeping the colourful and intuitive way to explore your qualitative data.

Soon you will be able to share your project files with colleagues, and unlock live collaboration.

You can store any number of projects in the cloud, and access them from any number of computers where Quirkos is installed. You can also manage your account, and download your projects from our online user portal.

Try Quirkos Cloud for free for 14 days, by registering and providing your credit card details. You will not be billed until after 14 days, and can cancel at any time with your login page, or by contacting us. There are options for quarterly or annual licence subscriptions, and discounts for users in different sectors. Even if your subscription expires, you can still download and access your data for 6 months, but will no longer be able to modify or work with your projects online. Re-enabling your subscription will allow you full access again.

Quirkos cloud has a simple online subscription management page, where you can see and download your projects, change your contact details and update your subscription. It will also allow you to access additional subscription options in the future.

The table below gives an indication of current subscription rates, but you can also see current prices and register for Quirkos cloud at this payment and registration link.

Quirkos cloud pricing