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Access your qualitative projects from any device, with live collaboration!

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Flexible collaboration and seamless sync, whenever you need it

Collaboration on qualitative projects

Access your qualitative projects from any device, and have them synced automatically and backed up safely on our cloud. If you are working across different devices, Quirkos lets you instantly have access to your projects and qualitative data wherever you log in. Quirkos Cloud uses the same installable software and the same interface as classic Quirkos, keeping the colourful and intuitive way to explore your qualitative data. A subscription includes both access to the software, and unlimited data storage and sharing.

Quirkos Cloud users can use 'Quirkos Web', a browser based version of our software that lets you work on your qualitative analysis projects wherever you are, on any device. Just go to www.quirkos.com/web in your browser and login, for a full Quirkos experience that even works on a phone or tablet, without the need to install software or an app.

Any projects in Quirkos Cloud can be shared with colleagues, co-researchers or team-members who also have a Cloud subscription. Any number of people can work on the project at the same time, and you can see other's contributions pop up in real time. A live chat feature lets you talk and discuss the analysis (or anything else), saved right in the project for future reference. Collaboration doesn't require any extra fee, it's a free part of the Quirkos Cloud subscription.

You can store any number of projects in the cloud, and access them from any number of computers where Quirkos is installed. You can also manage project sharing, download project files and manage your account subscriptions (including cancelling your account) using the online user portal.

Keep your data safe and secure, wherever you're based

We have a network of servers across the world, to improve performance and ensure compliance with local data regulations. Currently we have Quirkos Cloud servers in the UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands and Asia-Pacific (Signapore) regions, and welcome requests for new locations as demand grows. All servers comply with the same strict security and data protection requirements. We can also set up a private Quirkos Cloud server for your institution, to ensure that your data is only stored and processed in your organisation to your own specifications. Email us at sales@quirkos.com to enquire.

Quirkos Cloud stores data on our secure, GDPR compliant servers, with SOC 1 Type II, Type II, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and PCI-DSS compliance and end-to-end encryption for your password protected projects. Unlike our competitors, we don't share your data with any 3rd parties for any purpose, and automatic backups take care of your data.

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See how you can make your collaborative research easier with Quirkos Cloud, with project sharing, collaboration and live chat.
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Try Quirkos Cloud for free for 14 days, by registering and providing your credit card details. You will not be billed unless you choose to keep the registration active after 14 days, and can cancel at any time with your login page, or by contacting us. There are options for quarterly or annual licence subscriptions, and discounts for users in different sectors. The minimum subscription is for 3 months. Even if your subscription expires, you can still download and access your data for 1 year, but you will no longer be able to modify or work with your projects online. Re-enabling your subscription at any point within one year will restore full access.

Quirkos Cloud has a simple online subscription management page, where you can see and download your projects, share projects, change your contact details and update your subscription. It will also allow you to access additional subscription options, like adding Quirkos Transcribe to your subscription plan.

You can also see current prices and register for Quirkos Cloud at this payment and registration link.

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with no restrictions on features or projects.

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