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Qualitative data
brought to life.
Qualitative data brought
to life.

Quirkos is simple qualitative analysis software,
designed to immerse you in your qualitative text data
and help you to understand it quickly and easily.

Quirkos is simple qualitative analysis software,
designed to immerse you in your qualitative text data
and help you to understand it quickly and easily.

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Helping qualitative researchers understand their data for 9+ years

Work together with Quirkos Cloud

An animation displaying Quirkos on two computers which are syncing together with each change, and include live chat and comments

Code qualitative text with an unlimited number of simultaneous users with no extra costs. Work from any device and see edits from colleagues pop up in real time.

With live chat and all your collaborative projects synced and backed up on our secure cloud servers, it's never been easier to stay on the same page.

Used by researchers at:
Oxford University
Ipsos Group
University of Toronto
United Nations
total scholarly publications using Quirkos
published, peer-reviewed outputs using Quirkos in 2023
published postgraduate theses using Quirkos in 2023


An illustration of a person at their computer adding files to Quirkos
An illustration of a person at their computer adding files to Quirkos
Quick to learn, flexible to use

Quirkos is easy to master, with just the essential tools you need to help you focus on the richness of your small qualitative data sets.

Organise your sources, canvas and codes in any way, and finely categorise and filter your data. Our flexible design is agnostic, so you can use grounded theory, thematic analysis, or IPA as you prefer.

Illustration of people collaborating
Illustration of people collaborating
Cloud collaboration and secure storage

With a Quirkos Cloud subscription, you can collaborate seamlessly with colleagues in real-time. Our automated transcription service makes it easy to bring in your recorded data and get analysing quickly.

You'll also get unlimited cloud storage and the ability to work across all your devices, with your project data stored and backed up automatically on our secure servers.

Illustration of Quirkos on smartphones, tablets and Windows, Mac and Linux
Illustration of Quirkos on smartphones, tablets and Windows, Mac and Linux
Platform freedom

Enjoy the same intuitive experience and features across Windows, Mac, Linux, and any web browser - including tablets and smartphones with Quirkos Cloud.

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Easy import
Import any source of text data, including PDFs, Word, spreadsheets, and copy / pasted text.
Import and export projects from other qualitative analysis software, including NVivo, MAXQDA and Atlas.ti.
All versions of Quirkos come with continuous autosave, so you don’t have to worry about losing your work.
Data visualisation
See your data come to life with word clouds, overlap and correlation views, and theme hierarchies.
Side-by-side comparisons
Instantly compare and explore subgroups of your data with our comparison query view, and quickly export quotes for writing up.
Robust export options
Word files that look like highlighted printouts, customisable reports (PDF, Word or HTML) or CSV files to analyse in SPSS or Excel.
Secure Transcription
Our new automated transcription service turns your audio and video files in to text in minutes, using end-to-end encryption for maximum confidentiality.
Security by design
Quirkos Cloud encrypts your data end-to-end and at rest for rotection, and no data leaves your computer if working offline.
First-class support
Quick and direct email support, 7 days a week, provided by qualitative experts. You can also phone us, book a video call, or contact us on Mastodon.

Make qualitative data analysis easier with Quirkos

Watch a video introduction to Quirkos, or view our free resources and tutorials for more in-depth guides.

Affordable qualitative software for everyone

I thoroughly enjoyed using your software to analyze my data. I've enjoyed it so much that I sing your praises at my university.

Kevin, PhD candidate

Our mantra is 'accessibility'; Quirkos is often half the price of alternative qualitative software, with great discounts for students, academics, non-profit organisations, and the public sector.

For those in the global majority world, we also have a 25% discount to make qualitative analysis software accessible to everyone. Find out more on our pricing page.

Cloud or Offline?

We offer two options for purchasing Quirkos: a recurring annual or quarterly subscription, or a permanent, single-purchase software licence. Both provide full access to Quirkos Desktop, our desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux, while Quirkos Cloud subscriptions allow you to access your synced data anywhere, including in the Web App with nothing to install.

As well as the below prices for individuals, we offer significantly discounted group rates for organisations and teams interested in using Quirkos.

Prices below are based on 1 year subscriptions; minimum subscription is 3 months.

Quirkos accessible via a tablet
Our Quirkos Cloud subscriptions grant access to Quirkos on tablets and smartphones.

Select a rate:

Quirkos Cloud logo

Quirkos Cloud

$5 / Month

  • Access to Quirkos Desktop on all devices you own for the duration of your subscription
  • Unlimited, secure Cloud storage
  • Access to Quirkos Web, our browser-based version which requires no download
  • Live collaboration and project sharing

Offline Licence

$69 / Lifetime

  • Lifetime access to Quirkos Desktop on one or two computers
  • Store projects offline on your hard drive
  • No registration or log-in required
  • Collaborate with other Quirkos users offline, sending projects back and forth

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with no restrictions on features or projects.

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