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Certified Quirkos Trainers

Certified Trainers for Quirkos

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Quirkos has certified trainers across the world who provide guidance and workshops for learning and using Quirkos in your language. Contact them to find information about upcoming training and support opportunities for qualitative software and qualitative research and analysis. We carefully choose the best tutors from across the world, and make sure they have an excellent understanding of how best to teach Quirkos.

Certified trainers are entitled to list the official Quirkos certified trainer logo on their website and materials, and order a certificate verifying their Quirkos trainer status. They may also issue certificates of completion to workshop participants. They also get exclusive access to forthcoming versions of Quirkos and special offers.

Interested in becoming a Quirkos trainer? Start the application process below, and once verfied we will list your details here for others to find, and promote Quirkos workshops you run on our official social media channels. Apply to become a certified Quirkos trainer

Listed Trainers

Dr Alejandro Duarte
Mexico, Morelia

Alex Duarte
I am an elementary teacher of initial training, advisor and consultant of research methods for public and private universities, postgraduate professor, specialized in research methods.

Languages: Spanish (EspaƱol)
Software taught: Quirkos, MAXQDA, Atlas.ti, SPSS, Nvivo

Ulises Alejandro Duarte Velazquez
Email: alexxduve@gmail.com
Twitter: @alexduve
WhatsApp: +52 443 268 0599
Website: https://professionalresearch.org

Dr Mohsin Hassan Khan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mohsin Hassan Khan
Mr. Khan is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Management and Technology, Lahore, as well as Editor of Indonesian Journal of Communications Studies. He has organized several Qualitative data analysis sessions in Malaysia. Mr. Khan is also a reviewer of several qualitative research journals

Languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi
Software taught: Quirkos, Nvivo

Email: mohsin18516@siswa.um.edu.my
Tel: 00923459550611
Facebook: www.facebook.com/journalist.raaj

Dr Mumtaz Ali Memon
Pakistan, Islamabad

Dr Mumtaz Ali Memon
I am an Assistant Professor and Head of Cluster at the School of Management, Air University Islamabad. I am also the Managing Editor of the Journal of Applied Structural Equation Modeling (JASEM) and Guest Editor of several journals including the International Journal of Manpower, Electronic Journal of Applied Statistics and Journal of Marketing Analytics.

Being a certified professional trainer & consultant, I have facilitated more than 60 workshops on Advanced Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods for both postgraduate students and lecturers at several universities and research bodies in Malaysia, China, and Pakistan. My main research areas cover HRM practices, Green HRM, talent management, and advanced research methods.

Languages: English, Urdo
Software taught: Atlas.ti, SPSS, SmartPLS, AMOS

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/masooraje
ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mumtaz_Memon
Email: mumtazutp@gmail.com

Dr Christina Silver
UK, Surrey

Placeholder Image
Dr Christina Silver is manager of the CAQDAS Network at the University of Surrey and independent trainer and consultant with QDA Services. She trains students and researchers in a number of CAQDAS packages, and advises and trains research teams on their use of CAQDAS software.

Languages: English
Software taught: All!

Twitter: @Christina_QDAS
Website: https://www.qdaservices.co.uk/
Website: https://www.surrey.ac.uk/people/christina-silver

Dr Hiram Ting
Malaysia, Kuching

Dr Hiram Ting
I am an academic at Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management, UCSI University, Malaysia. Being passionate in research, I am involved in multiple research projects looking at various behavioural aspects, including consumer behaviour, leadership styles, medication adherence, touring intention, and generation differences. In addition to managing Asian Journal of Business Research (Scopus indexed), I have been co-editing special issues in journals such as Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, British Food Journal and European Business Review. My publications appear in the European Journal of Marketing, Tourism Management and Internet Research.

Languages: English, Mandarin
Software taught: Quirkos, Atlas.ti, SmarttPLS, SPSS

Email: hiramparousia@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiramparousia
Website: https://www.ucsiuniversity.edu.my/assistant-professor-dr-hiram-ting

Dr Steve Wright
UK, Lancaster

placeholder image
I am an independent consultant and trainer in text, survey and interview analysis using Computer Applications for Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS).
I have extensive experience and expertise in capacity development and support for simpler analysis requirements with a lower training overhead using Quirkos as well as more complex and multi-media projects in NVivo and ATLAS.ti. I have experience in working with large qualitative datasets including staff, customer and public consultation surveys (3k>130k responses) as well as social media data using NVivo Plus, Leximancer and DiscoverText.

Languages: English
Software taught: Quirkos, F4, Atlas.ti, Nvivo

Email: steve@caqdas.co.uk
Twitter: @stevewright1976
Website: http://caqdas.co.uk

Muhammad Ismail

Muhammad Ismail
I am a doctoral candidate at one of Pakistan's best business schools, IMSciences. My areas of expertise includes Finance, Islamic Banking & Finance, Corporate Governance, Qualitative Research, and CAQDAS. I am also a consultant at CAQDA-Consultant, a qualitative research consulting agency. In addition, I am the certified MAXQDA professional trainer and Mendeley Advisor for the region.

Languages: English, Urdo, Pasto
Software taught: Quirkos, Atlas.ti, Nvivo, MAXQDA

Email: muhammadismailrashid@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +92 344 9415369
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ismailtalali

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