Certified training for Quirkos

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Quirkos has certified trainers across the world who provide guidance and workshops for learning and using Quirkos in your language. Contact them to find information about upcoming training and support opportunities for qualitative software and qualitative research and analysis. We carefully choose the best tutors from across the world, and make sure they have an excellent understanding of how best to teach Quirkos.

Certified trainers are entitled to list the official Quirkos certified trainer logo on their website and materials, and order a certificate verifying their Quirkos trainer status. They may also issue certificates of completion to workshop participants. They also get exclusive access to forthcoming versions of Quirkos and special offers.

Interested in becoming a Quirkos trainer? Start the application process below, and once verfied we will list your details here for others to find, and promote Quirkos workshops you run on our official social media channels.

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