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Group and Site Licences

Group licences and subscriptions

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Group licences.

If you want access to Quirkos across a whole organisation, department or computer lab, there are several options for site licences and subscriptions to Quirkos Cloud.

There are three types of group licences: static licences which provide Quirkos on specified computer(s), floating licences which allow a certain number of users to access Quirkos at once via 'seats', and group subscriptions to the Quirkos Cloud platform. We offer discounts when buying more than 3 licences on top of our already affordable, permanent licences, and subscription licences for Quirkos Cloud.

To get quotes and more information about these options, please e-mail sales@quirkos.com, call +44 (0)131 555 3736.

Static Licences

For the offline version of Quirkos, you can purchase permanent licences for each user and their computer. These are linked to a particular computer, and allow it to always use Quirkos.

The first time Quirkos is installed, a licence code is entered, and the computer is activated. The only time this licence can be moved is if hardware is replaced or lost, and requires a manual request to support@quirkos.com.

Cloud subscriptions

Quirkos Cloud lets you access your project data from anywhere by storing your data on our secure cloud server. It is based around subscription licences for each user, available on a quarterly or annual basis. For large groups we also offer discounts, and will let teams share and collaborate on projects. We can provide insitutional signup pages that allow permitted users to directly register their accounts, without the need for credit/debit card information, and paid by a central account.

Contact us for more information on providing Quirkos Cloud access to your whole organisation or team, or to learn more about using Quirkos Cloud for your qualitative analysis software.

Floating licences

With our floating licences, an unlimited number of computers in an organisation can have Quirkos installed, but only a set number can use Quirkos at once. This is defined as the number of 'seats', like seats at a table: when someone stands up, another user can take their place.

This option is good for departments or whole organisations where it is desirable to have Quirkos installed on a lot of computers or managed desktops, but only a limited number of users will want to work with Quirkos at one time. For example, a university with shared computers in labs and libraries could have Quirkos available on all their computers, but it is unlikely that every user will be using Quirkos simultaneously.

In this situation, we provide licence server software which manages the number of 'seats' or simultaneous users that are allowed. This software needs to be run on a computer on the local network which end users have access to. Most IT departments will already have a suitable server, and our software will work on Windows, Mac or Linux servers. If this is not possible for your organisation, we can host a server for you for an additional fee.

The first time an authorised user starts Quirkos, they will need the IP address of this server, and if there are free places the software will allow them to start Quirkos. Usually IT departments will install Quirkos on a managed desktop environment, but users can also download the floating licence version of software for themselves below, and it can even be run from a USB stick. End users can be on either Mac or Windows versions of Quirkos from the same licence server. There is no difference in features or compatibility between the float and static versions of Quirkos.

v2.1 Float Licenced Quirkos For Windows Vista and later

v2.1 Float Licenced Quirkos For Mac 10.10 and later

v2.1 Float Licenced Quirkos For Linux (snap)

Floating Licences

Any Questions?

We provide many options to give maximum flexibility and affordability for groups and organisations of all sizes.
We can help you choose the best option for your needs, just contact sales@quirkos.com