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Training partnerships in qualitative research

Integrated training programmes

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We don't just teach Quirkos! Our expert team covers all aspects of qualitative research, design methodology, epistimology, analysis, practical advice and writing up qualitative research. We don't think the focus should be on software, rather on what you can do with it.

As Quirkos is simple to learn, it has become a preferred tool for many teaching qualitative method at undergraduate, and post-graduate level so the tool can get out of the way, and sessions can focus on key qualitative analytical skills. And while our sessions use Quirkos to illustrate, they are software agnostic, and we always talk about other software options that may be more appropriate!

We already provide sessions to dozens of programme directors in universities across the world, either as integrated sessions in existing research method courses, including mixed-methods, or additional scheduled options. Contact us to arrange a session in your programme this semester!

Training options

Quirkos webinars
Free introduction sessions for those considering Quirkos, or existing groups. We can also schedule virtual or in-person workshops any time you can get more than 5 interested people together!

Bespoke courses for consortiums
For counsortiums, research groups, doctoral training programs and wider networks, we can offer courses with single or multiple sessions targeting researcher demands, or current provision gaps in qualitative approaches. We consult directly to ensure the sessions are directly relevant, and have lots of flexible teaching materials to build from.

Short topic courses
We have developed training sessions on diverse but common topics like conducting research interviews ethical research practice, and different approaches to analysing qualitative data. Many of these are available on demand on our Youtube channel, but we can run face-to-face or virtual interactive sessions for any size groups.

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Academic on books

We have two experienced trainers based in Quirkos, our Qualitative Research Specialist Dr Cathy Gibbons, and Dr Daniel Turner, founder of Quirkos and trainer on qualitative methods.

Contact us to discuss these options and more, we want to share our passion and experience with qualitative research!

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