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Mixed method data in Quirkos

Quantitative, discrete and mixed-method data

Discrete and numerical properties

Graph showing overview of source property

Quirkos lets you integrate any type of discrete or quantitative data into your research project. Each of the sources or participants in your projects can be described by any number of properties that you define. For example, you could record discrete categories such as gender, occupation or social group.

You can also use numerical values, and display results from a specific age range or income bracket. Quirkos summarises these values across all your sources, and generates overview distribution graphs that update on-the-fly or can be included in a report.

Survey data

Quirkos has a dedicated mode for working with structured surveys and questionnaires, that allows you to define a question once, and have different responses for each participant. It even includes built in values for common questions, so you can quickly input yes/no or true/false responses, or even Liket scale values from 1-10 or strongly agree through to strongly disagree.

By storing already entered values, Quirkos makes it quick to do data entry from paper based questionnaires or telephone interviews, directly into the package you can do all the analysis in. You can also use Quirkos on any Android tablet to do data entry in the field, and get started on the analysis in quiet moments or on the train back to the office.

Data entry for a survey on a tablet
Distilling qualitative data into an idea

Data import

If you already have your data in an electronic format, Quirkos makes it easy to import your responses ready for analysis. As well as supporting batch import of text and Word files, you can bring in tabular data, including quantitative, discrete and long-form open ended questions from a CSV file. This lets you quickly analyse respondent data from a variety of dedicated market research on-line platforms, or even SurveyMonkey, Excel or Google Docs. Explore your answers qualitatively, and use quantitative data to find patterns.

You can also export your data from Quirkos as CSV files to bring them into Excel, R or SPSS for more detailed quantitative tests. Our open SQLite database format also allows you to run SQL queries or integrate project data with other tools.

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