Learn qualitative analysis with Quirkos

In a hurry?

Play buttonWatch a 5 minute video of the main features

Read about the main features on our features page, and download a free trial to get started.

Read the getting started guide for a step-by-step introduction to your first project, or follow the 6 basic steps.

Got more time?

Play buttonWatch a 20 minute video on creating your first project in Quirkos.

Use the getting started guide for an overview of creating your first project

Download an example coded file used in the tutorials. Alternatively, get workshop materials: real data and coded projects.

In depth materials

Play buttonAn detailed 1hr walkthrough of all the functions.

Download the Full Quirkos Manual, providing detailed guidance, and functionality of each feature.

Get real qualitative research data to practice on, with transcripts and coded files. Or use your own data!

Video overviews

A quick 5 minute summary of the main features of Quirkos

A 20 minute overview of the main features of Quirkos

A 1hr workshop, showing everything in Quirkos at a more relaxed pace!

You can see more of our videos on our dedicated video page.

You can also learn how to use Quirkos at one of our regular on-line and in-person workshops, or from our network of verified qualitative trainers across the world.

Our list of Frequently Asked Questions might also answer some of your burning queries, or you can ask in the forum.

We also have an extensive number of articles on general qualitative research issues on our blog.

Powerpoint presentation slides

Looking to teach Quirkos in a lab or classroom session? We made sample teaching slides which you can to customise to give an overview of qualitative analysis with Quirkos.

All our support materials are distributed under a Creative Commons Licence, to allow their modification and use for commercial or non-commerical use.

But we also believe the best way to learn is to by doing. So download the free trial and see for yourself how easy Quirkos is to learn, or e-mail support@quirkos.com if you have any questions.

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